The A2B Team visit Scandinavia

A smarter way to travel...

Cycling is continuing to rapidly increase in popularity across the Nordic countries, particularly Sweden.

Cycling for fitness and recreation is on the rise with estimates of around 44% of the population using bikes for such purposes at least once a week, even in winter. Our smart Swedish customers have already caught on to the benefits of e-bikes as their usage grows across the region.

E-bikes are becoming increasing popular, particularly for commuting, taking over from the traditional “basket bikes” and A2B is at the forefront of the early adopter market.

We got our winter clothes on and went to meet with our Swedish distributor for a tour of the cool new Zet Bike store in Stockholm.  

Cycling is hot in Denmark!

Denmark is already one of the leading the cycling countries in Europe with the Danish ministry of transport determined to improve cycling numbers by making it even more attractive and easier to cycle to work, school or leisure. They plan to achieve this by creating better cycle paths, secure bicycle parking spaces, and new cycling facilities.

Denmark has pledged to invest a total of DKK 180 million (€ 21.8 million) to create more Cycle Super Highways and better bicycle parking facilities. They have also allocated DKK 175 million (21.2 million) for new initiatives on both the state roads and local roads as well as a new Bicycle Fund for new cycling solutions and funds to prevent right-turn accidents.  (source: Bike Europe).

We recently got to spend some time with A2B distributor, Smartmove, in their beautiful Copenhagen store.  Their highly knowledgeable staff can answer all your e-bike questions and give great advice for the novice to the knowledgeable.

There has never been a better time to take to two e-wheels!

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