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The Entz has strarted rolling out to our dealer network!

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Gloucestershire Police go Electric

Gloucestershire Constabulary have launched their new electric bike initiative in Stroud, with the help of premium e-bike brand A2B.

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엑스트라에너지는 세계적으로 인정받는 독립적인 LEV( 가벼운 전기 이동수단 )를 테스트하는 기관입니다. 그리고 A2B 의 설계의 완벽함과 엔지니어링의 우수성은 엑스트라 에너지에게 인정받았습니다.

또한 A2B Shima 는 자랑스럽게도 엑스트라에너지의 3가지 상을 받은 것과 더불어 라이프 스타일 카테고리에서 2013년 최고의 S-pedelic 제품으로 인정받았습니다. 엑스트라 에너지가 Orsted 와 Obree 를 선택한 이유

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A2B joins forces with citycarshare.org

A2B joins forces with citycarshare.org as part of its San Francisco ebike share scheme

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New store opening in Seoul

On 20 January, Seoul will open our first new A2B store of the year, offering a range of ebikes to try out, including our award winning Shima.

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South Africa opens Pop-Up retail space

South African distributor Cycology has launched a new website and opened a retail A2B space in pop-up store front Window.

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Denmark's Flagship Store opens in Copenhagen

Danish A2B distributors host Danish press and A2B dealers to an event unveiling the new look A2B to Copenhagen and Denmark through their electric bike showroom and A2B flagship store

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India’s Biggest Bike Maker Enters E-Bike Market with Ultra Motor Take-Over

Archived news article: On December 28, 2011 Hero Eco Ltd announced the take-over of the London, UK headquartered Ultra Motor Ltd.

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