In celebration of the launch of the ultimate German made Obree* and Orsted*, A2B is offering a fashion-conscious couple the opportunity to experience the world’s 12 most fashionable cities in one trip.

Using the most in-vogue and environmentally friendly transport: the e-bike. The couple will not only be cycling around each city, but will get to keep their A2B bikes at the end of the tour.
Cities include Paris, New York, Milan, London, Barcelona, Rome, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Berlin, Sydney.

*The two award-winning, newly launching e-bikes, the Obree and Orsted, have a host of benefits which include: recharging whilst cycling using regenerative pedalling and breaking; top travel range of up to 80m/130km; five levels of assist which is pretty new to the electric bike market; and a top speed and legal limit of 15.5mph/25kmh in Europe, 20mph/32kmh outside Europe.  Both bikes are also German designed and made. The quality and the design contribute to the incredible feeling of riding these design led machines. This trip allows the couple to really experience every facet of exploring a fashionable city with ease.

With both e-bikes sporting revolutionary propulsion systems for increased range alongside pioneering designs, they do their namesakes proud: for the Obree, the radical bicycle innovator Graeme ‘the Flying scotsman’ Obree, and the Orsted, Hans Christian Orsted, the discoverer of electromagnetism, a major step toward a unified concept of energy.

The Obree – a 2014 International Designs of the Year Award nominee and top ranking entrant in ExtraEnergy’s 2014 LEV lifestyle category – possesses a fashion-forward design with a lower centre of gravity and smaller wheels to make it strong yet agile.  The Orsted, ranked second in the 2014 ExtraEnergy LEV lifestyle category, has a more traditional bicycle look and feel and larger wheels for a smooth yet powerful ride.
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