Fantastic recognition for A2B’s attention to detail as well as design and engineering excellence by ExtraEnergy, the recognised authority for independent LEV tests worldwide.

A2B’s Orsted and Obree were placed in the lifestyle pedelec category, receiving ‘Very Good’ and ‘Good’ respectively. Impressively, the Orsted ranked second out of the fifty e-bikes in this category.

A2B is proud to say we now boast three ExtraEnergy awards following Shima winning the lifestyle category as the best in class speed pedelec in 2013.

Why ExtraEnergy picked Orsted and Obree

In this year’s ranking, the Orsted was singled out for its range (up to 80km), unique design and looks, as well as its smooth, quiet, comfortable and powerful ride.

The Obree, classified by ExtraEnergy as an urban, intercity bike, was singled out for design and looks, its agility and manoeuvrability because of its smaller wheels (24”), very good energy recuperation, its ability to carry a good amount of weight and that it is very easy to see the remaining battery range on the display.

We are very proud that the awards just keep on coming.

As you know, the Obree was also recently nominated for a Designs of the Year 2014 Award by the British Design Museum, which recognises international, cutting edge design. More details, and how you can use the nomination to promote A2B’s design and engineering excellence on the back of this news can be found in this newsletter.

Web and social media stories on the ExtraEnergy awards wins will be posted very soon.