In readiness for the 2014 season, bikes for the US market are now available for shipping as soon as orders come in.

Demand for ebikes in the US is building, as Kyle, A2B Business Operations Manager, explains:

“We are seeing a huge shift in the awareness of electric bikes and the benefits they have over traditional bikes, pedal and motor. Customers are increasingly looking for cost-competitive, environmentally sound stylish bikes, which is why we have produced modals that fit that demand.”  

A quick re-cap of the A2B models that are going down well in the US:

Known for ease and style, the popular Alva and Alva+ are excellent for:

  • Longer distances, with a range up to 40 miles
  • Comfort – sturdy and powerful, designed for ease

Kuo 36v            
Our portable (foldable) modal is perfect for:

  • Commuters with long journeys – easy to take on public transport
  • Holidays – put the bike in a car or a boat, cycle anywhere!

Extra energy award winning Shima is peferct for:

  • Speed – it’s our fastest, with a top speed of 28mph
  • Design and tech savvy – stylish, starts with a transponder key

Smooth, clean lines and revolutionary performance, good for:

  • Urban riders – wide tires for added comfort and stability
  • Longer distances – a range up to 40 miles

Our smooth riding, state-of-the-art ebike is well-suited for:

  • Long commutes – range from 46 to 62 miles
  • Stress free riding – less parts to maintain (Deluxe model)

If you have any questions about our ebikes or future delivery, please contact Kyle on or telephone (415) 695 3115.