We saw a constant flow of attendees brave the Las Vegas heat for a chance to ride the newest A2Bs.  The Shima and Alva+ were the stars, with positive reviews, thumbs ups, and big smiles after each test ride.  This year's test track was a huge improvement, allowing test riders to get a few turns and curves in, on each lap.  A2B was happy for the chance to show off all the models in the hands-on setting. 

The emergence of a new class of high-speed pedal-assist ebikes seemed to appeal to a wide range of attendees, ebike enthusiasts and general cyclists, alike.  It appears that a top speed of 30mph bridges the gap amongst the cycling community.   Features such as the RFID keys, magnetic battery connections, and hydraulic brakes were also a big hit.   


For those who couldn’t make it to the show or would like to find out more about the new A2B line of electric bikes and the Ride the Future Tour where Ben Hopkins set a Guinness Book of World Records riding an A2B Alva across the US, find out more in our video. The bikes included in this video: the Kuo, the Alva, the Alva+, the award-winning Shima, the Octave, and the F4W Peak and Ride

A2B would like to thank all of our great dealers who were able to stop by and visit the team.  For those of you who didn’t, sorry you missed it, and we hope to see you out there next year.

The A2B Team
A journey redefined