Chief Joseph Gaudett of the Bridgeport Police Department has deployed five Patrollers by A2B for his officers to utilize while policing the city’s parks and neighborhoods. The department is not new to using alternative modes of transportation for it’s officers, having used bicycles and Segways in the past, and they are now eager to exploit the extended speed and range the A2B bikes will provide.
Officers will start to ride the Patrollers on the beat at the newly reopened Pleasure Beach city park, which has limited access to traditional vehicles. Pleasure Beach was a bustling seaside park until a fire destroyed the bridge that connected it to the City of Bridgeport. Starting June 27th 2014 a ferry line operated by the city will be transporting the public from Bridgeport, restoring access to the open spaces of Pleasure Beach. 

Police Chief Gaudett hopes to add 25 more Patrollers to their fleet to expand the policing beyond Pleasure Beach.

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