Africa's 'Square Mile' Launches Program to get commuters on to E-Bikes by testing A2B bikes.
#Decongest Sandton. The campaign aims to get Sandton commuters to ditch their cars and cycle to work using electric bicycles.

Imagine not having to deal with rising fuel costs or traffic on the daily commute to work especially in Sandton.
This scenario could be possible with the roll-out of electric bicycles in Africa’s richest square mile.

Large-scale infrastructure developments are taking place in the area and in a few years Sandton will increase office space from 1.5m square metres to 1.9m square metres. Despite significant transportation investment to boost the use of public transport, including in the successful Gautrain and in future the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit System, there are calls for alternatives.

We have over 35 corporate volunteers ready to do our urban commuter research project on the A2B metro's.  
For further information look on the #decongest website.