The British Design Museum announced the winners of the Designs of the Year Award 2014 last week. In the transportation category, the winner was announced as VW's XL1 car, the world’s the most efficient liquid-fuelled production car.

Of course we would have liked to have won, but we remain very honoured to be nominated and considered alongside such well known, established designers, and such ground-breaking designs.

And we are particularly proud to have won the first open round public on-line vote by 79%. The second round voting is on the 3rd of May.

We have also had fantastic unsolicited feedback about the Obree from people who have visited the Exhibition, which continues at the Design Museum, London until the 25th of August 2014.

Norbert Haller, designer of A2B’s e-bikes, talks about A2B’s Obree design award nomination, what inspires him.

“The most exciting thing about being nominated for a museum award is that it is timeless – the Museum’s ad campaign says it perfectly: Someday, other museums will be showing this stuff. And particularly by the British Design Museum in London. London is such an innovative, stylish city so it’s really special to be selected for nomination here”.

Please continue to vote for the Obree on the Design Museum social vote website on the 3rd of May alongside the Totemic Collection, The Design Museum will be asking it’s 950K twitter followers to vote for their favorite nominations, and hopefully you will do the same. Don’t forget to share with your family, friends and followers.