Our Shima Reviewed

A great review for the award winning Shima in the October issue of Electric Bike Action magazine. One of the fastest electric bikes offering up to 28mph (pedal assist), read what they say here.

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The Entz Launches to an appreciative audience

The Entz Launches at EUROBIKE 2014

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The A2B Kuo Reviewed

Electric Bike Review give the Kuo a thorough testing. They describe the A2B folding electric bike as ‘lightweight, affordable and feature rich’. Read the full technical review here.

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Forbes Alva+ review

The A2B Alva+ is fun to ride, easy to own and a very attractive form of alternative green transportation.

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Fully Charged Review the A2B range

‘A2B e-bikes are some of the most international bikes we’ve come across! Utilizing the highest quality components, constructed and extensively tested in Germany before finally being distributed from right here in the UK. A2B bikes are real workhorses: robustly built, extensively tested and using unfaltering components. Perfect for anyone looking to explore the urban jungle. Of course, they’re gorgeous to look at too!’

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The A2B Shima eBike Reviewed

Electric Bike Review put the award-winning Shima through its paces. “This is a beautiful bike” they say…Read the full technical review here.

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Shima is ExtraEnergy Test Winner for Lifestyle Pedelecs

A huge coup for A2B last week as ExtraEnergy announces the Shima as Test Winner in the Lifestyle Category

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