A2B has just launched a corporate site – A2B by Hero Eco – where news stories will be posted mirroring other social media platforms and will become one of the corner stones of our social media strategy.

We will be developing an integrated plan over the coming weeks and will share that with you as soon as we can.

In the meantime, please join the page and share as widely as possible!


Facebook is a very important part of our social media presence.

We have UK (A2B), US (A2B by Hero Eco), German (A2B Deutschland), Italian (A2B Italia) and Spanish (A2B Spain) pages that are regularly updated and share important stories relevant to each market.

The most recent story that was replicated was the Designs of the Year Awards, which helped A2B’s Obree to win the first round on-line public vote in a head-to-head with one of our fellow transportation award nominees – by a massive 79%!

Facebook will, of course, become a very important strand in the social media plan we are developing, with the aim of focusing on boosting stories per market on a week by week basis.