As you know, A2B’s Obree has been nominated for a prestigious design award.

The awards opened for voting on 26 March, and the first online head-to-head with a fellow nominee in the transportation category saw Obree receive 79% of the vote. Fantastic news! The final winner will be announced later in the year.

Using the nomination to promote A2B in your market

The nomination of one of our e-bikes is a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Showcase the Obree and its new, innovative features, but also
  • A2B’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to design that we continue to deliver since our launch of the first ever e-bike onto the market in 2008.

Below is an overview of what we doing to capitalise on this opportunity, and what you can do in your market to exploit the opportunity more locally.

First a reminder of the awards.

The Awards

The British Design Museum awards honour cutting-edge innovation and original talent from across the globe, focusing on emerging design trends.

A2B’s Obree has been nominated in the transportation category – the link to the awards shows who we are up against (including a folding bike, but no battery – what use is that!). Winners will be announced later in the year.
NOTE: scroll down to the bottom of the page to see our entry.

Specific things to do to promote A2B’s design excellence

There are a number of initiatives we are creating that you can share – but feel free to do your own too.

Facebook – share our posts – like them, copy them to your own pages, boost them even! The online public win today is a great example.

LinkedIn – join our just launched LinkedIn page, which includes a story on the Awards – search for: A2B by Hero Eco

Tweet it! – link here:

Website – Email Paula at to do the following:

What next?

Other opportunities to promote our nomination and commitment to e-bike innovation will take place during May and June – more about that soon and how you can use it in your market.

If you have any questions, please contact Paula at