How to order Point of Sale items

Just a quick reminder of how to order Point of Sale merchandise:

1. Complete a distributor sales order form, which you can find in the Commercial folder within the Distributors resources folder in Dropbox
2. Send the form to Neil at

Following receipt of the form, you will receive confirmation of your order and an estimated time of delivery.

A list of all Point of Sale items is being updated and will be available in your Distributors resources folder in Dropbox shortly.

Ordering brochures

A2B Brochures can be ordered in the same way as Point of Sale merchandise – send a sales order form to Neil at

New, updated owner’s manuals on their way

Six of our owner’s manuals have been updated and are in production.

They include: Ferber; Hybrid 24; Galvani – male and female versions – Shima, Kuo and Alva+.

The updated manuals will also be translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, except for the Alva+ which will be available in English, Portuguese and Spanish only. The Shima and Kuo Owner’s manuals will also be available in French. 

A new Octave Owner’s manual will follow shortly, available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Copies will be available early next month – we will keep you posted.

Distributor resources folder

Another quick reminder – as well as a note for our new distributors – here’s what’s available to download from the Distributor’s resources folder in Dropbox:


  • Shipping information, including how many bikes a container can carry, plus dimensions and packing weights
  • Distributor sales order forms and European pricing

Dealer Development

This folder includes templates that help you to manage and plan your time with dealers, including visit reports and status templates, as well as an overview of minimum dealer standards criteria

Marketing – including A2B product images and electronic brochures

Parts – catalogues for spare parts, a description of bike tools available

Technical documentation

  • Material safety data sheets (MSDS) e.g. battery information
  • Owner’s manuals (note: being updated – see story above)
  • SGS, EN and CE reports – copies of product test reports
  • Troubleshooting flow charts – for Shima and Hybrid 24 bike models
  • Warranty – to track and report quality issues
  • Wiring diagrams – for A2B and F4W bike models
  • Patent documentation

New Hero Eco global supply chain analyst

Last, but not least, we are delighted to welcome Danial Morris to the Hero Eco team as our global supply chain analyst.

Danial joined the team last November and sits in the head office in London. He is responsible for keeping our stock purchasing in order, ensuring that orders are completed on time and, most importantly, that bikes are delivered and moved around the globe in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

“My job is simple,” explains Danial, “and that is to ensure we get the bike in the right place at the right time!”

Danial’s focus over the coming months is to put controls in place for ordering stock, and oversee the production of the first Obree and Orsted bikes that are being produced in Germany.

Before joining the company, Danial spent many years working in supply chain analytics in the energy industry. More recently he worked on management behaviour analysis. Danial has also owned his own business, importing wine into Thailand. More recently he become a qualified motorcycle mechanic!

Why did he join Hero Eco? “Hero Eco is moving in exciting times and I think I can really contribute to its success. Plus the company makes really cool bikes – and I am a bike nut!”

It will come as no surprise that Danial’s hobbies are all about the outdoors: motorcycles – building, riding and racing them – snowboarding and downhill mountain biking. Well, he is Australian.