In 2008, we changed the electric bike market forever with the world’s first true e-bike.  We have been designing e-bikes that ride as beautifully as they look ever since. Our passion to achieve the perfect balance of design and performance has resulted in the creation of the 11 exceptional e-bikes we have in our collection today.  Each bike has its own distinct identity.  Inspired by the world’s great innovators, today’s A2B range is the result of the engineering innovation and design brilliance of our Berlin design centre.  We believe that it’s the minute details that make our e-bikes so special; the attention to detail, drive for perfection, thought and hard work that goes into each and every model. 

Award-winning design, superb performance, German precision - view our collection to find your perfect A2B e-bike.

Hybrid / 24

商品各種のうち最も人気のあるペデレクスの一つで、唯一地域的に入手可能なA2BのHybrid/ 24は、便利なワイヤレスセキュリティキー、取外しが簡単な磁気プラグ電池や、次世代モータコントローラが装備されています。安定を考えて設計された本モデルは、よりスムーズな乗り心地を目指し、モータ出力を使用してペダルパワーをシームレスに統合しました。

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