The A2B Shima eBike Reviewed

The ride quality is good, though not as smooth as the A2B Octave or Metro which offer full suspension and a padded seat, but all of these bikes are rear heavy with a battery design that is higher up. The fancy Y-frame and weight of the battery reduces stiffness and I could feel a bit of flexing during test rides.

The motor powering this thing is quite strong, though very smooth and quiet because it’s a direct drive (gearless) design. Offering 500 watts of power, it accelerates well and can power up small hills without issue in throttle mode. It really shines however in pedal assist mode when you add to the system by pedaling along. The eight speed Shimano XT drivetrain works well and I’m a fan of the trigger shifters on the right grip that stay out of the way and let you firmly grasp the handles when riding.

While some other A2B bikes come with one battery mounted in the downtube and an optional second “B” battery that attaches in the rear, the Shima only has one pack (though it can be upgraded for increased range). The pack is removable for convenient charging or to make the bike lighter during transport. It uses the fancy new energy bus standard with a magnetic plug that’s easy to insert. The pack itself offers 36 volts of power and 13.2 amp hours of capacity for a solid range of up to ~40 miles per charge. The cells use a Lithium-ion chemistry that’s light weight and more durable for years of use (the two year warranty is also nice here) For the full online review  and video  go to:

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